Introducing, Christian Patriot Ministry!

We Are The Red Wave!!!

For those looking to grow in faith, maturity and love in Christ, we teach Salvation through faith in Christ. Next, those born-again are qualified to be baptized in God’s Spirit.

Then we will equip folks to share The Gospel, and get people baptized in God’s Spirit.

I definitely want to encourage born-again Spirit-filled Believers about hearing God’s voice. But not the lost. I’ve seen too many led astray doing things out of order.

I see this pattern in Scripture.

1. Salvation through faith in Christ. Being born-again.

2. Baptized in God’s Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

3. Walking intimately with God, hearing His voice.

4. Sanctification in His Presence.

5. Preaching His Gospel.

6. Getting others Spirit-filled, with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

7. Teaching others to teach others.

Please tell us what level you are at on this list, and what level you would like to aspire to.

Email us at:

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Where born-again, Spirit-filled Believers get trained up, and sent out.

May God bless you,

Christian Patriot, Pastor John and Erica